From our humble beginnings in 1999, Mt. Fuji Japanese Cuisine is committed to serve you with consistent, great quality, and affordable food that people have been loving for so many years in Edmonton. Come visit us!

  • Mt. Fuji 1999


    Telus Plaza

    The first Mt. Fuji outlet was opened in 1999 at Telus Plaza. With just four employees, Mt. Fuji nurtured a line of hungry lunch customers.

  • 2003

    Namao Centre

    Due to Mt. Fuji's ever growing popularity, the Telus location could no longer contain the faithful customer base. Mt. Fuji sold its Telus location and opened a new restaurant in Namao Centre.

  • Mt. Fuji 1999


    Griesbach Village Centre

    18 years later, Mt. Fuji has blossomed from its youth and can now accommodate private functions, many more seats, a massive water fountain, and even a walk-in freezer!